Beautiful custom medical alert bracelets for women

Women wearing medical bracelets

Pretty handmade styles like you've never seen before

Opal Medical Bracelet
Over 600 designs, give you the world's largest selection of beautiful handmade medical bracelets—all custom sized and with personalized ID tags. Pretty designs created by Abbe Sennett a cancer survivor, fine artist and founder of Medical ID Fashions.
Diamond Medical Bracelet

Overbuilt to last.

Woman Medical Bracelet
All beaded medical bracelets are "overbuilt" with proprietary construction. Why? It's because you wear it everyday. Our proprietary design and materials outlast most ordinary beaded medical bracelets. The same goes for our stainless steel bracelets and longer lasting ID tags.

Why handmade fits better

Girl making Bracelets

Because you wear a medical bracelet 24/7, its got to be right. Every ID is custom handmade in the USA for a perfect comfort fit using our special size guide.

Handcrafted designs to match your lifestyle

Stainless Steel Medical Bracelet

Exercise Woman

Gold WaterWear Bracelets® to fit the way you live.
Sole Dorato Oro 1730

Over 600 styles give you the right bracelet from the most elegant events to the most challenging activities. See Gold/Silver

Customized to you for a perfect fit every time

Gemstone Bracelet
Every beautifully fashioned medical bracelet is custom sized to fit your specific wrist in the way you specify. No more small, medium and large! Give us a skintight wrist size and you'll get the right comfort room with our scientifically accurate system.
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Hematite Medical Bracelet

No more boundaries

The shackles have come off. With more choices—you're finally free to express your own individual "fashion statement" matching any lifestyle you wish. Now let your personality shine like never before.

Designer style for everyone
Pink precious stone medical bracelet

For women, we've designed bracelets which include precious stones and sparkling crystals, which makes wearing a medical bracelet more than just a fashion statement—it's also a lot of fun! See more