Track Loved Ones with Unremovable AirTag® Bracelets

See purchasing information for ALZ and Autism.

Tracking Lost Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism

Unremovable AirTag Bracelet
Now tracking your loved one is easy and affordable with the Apple® AirTag® added to our AirTag® Holder Bracelet. Our exclusive unremovable AirTag® Holder Bracelet effectively helps find missing Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism patients through the Apple network of many millions of Apple devices all interconnected to all AirTag® devices. To purchase for ALZ or Autism NOTE: AirTag® device is not included with our AirTag® Holder and Bracelet. AirTag® is sold separately.

Unremovable AirTag Bracelet on Wrist

Takes 2 hands to open our exclusive unremovable clasp

Unremovable Pink AirTag® Bracelet
Because it takes two hands to open, this unremovable bracelet system prevents your loved one's from taking off this life saving device. It makes finding special needs kids and compromised seniors easy by using your Apple® i-Phone®, i-Pad® or Apple® computer. Make sure you have Apple® iOS 14.5 or later.

How to install your AirTag® into our AirTag® Holder Case.
Instructions to insert AirTag into holder


An affordable alternative to costly GPS systems

Unremovable AirTag® Bracelet
A GPS bracelet maybe effective, but it will cost a lot to maintain with the high monthly charges for satellite and cell tower infrastructure. AirTag® has now become a cost effective way to track your lost luggage, as well as your lost loved ones.

Our Unremovable Clasp System
Unremovable Clasp Open and Closed