Read all instructions before closing the clasp

Closed Clasp on Unremovable Bracelet
Your Alzheimer’s/Autism bracelet comes with a specially modified sisterhook clasp that must be closed completely to avoid opening*
Emergency Removal:
Use a bolt-cutter on one of the round jump-rings or wear medical gloves to get a good grip on opening the clasp.

Closing the Clasp

Unremovable Clasp Opened
1. The clasp is open when it arrives.
Do not attempt to close the clasp until it’s installed on the wrist since it will be difficult to open once closed—even with two hands.
Take Out Bracelet Twists
2. Straighten Bracelet First. Make sure the bracelet lays flat on the wrist without any twists that will shorten its length. 
Unremovable Clasp Closed
3. Objective: to close both arms on ID Tag/Plate. Do not close until after attaching to ID tag. Look for the 2 hook-shaped-sisterhook-arms that are in an open position. You must close both arms until they are completely overlapped for it to be hard to open.

Attaching to Tag

Push Thru Tag Opening
4. Push one arm through the opening of the ID tag. The other arm will be on the outside of the opening. 
Push Tag Down to Bottom
5. Push the ID Tag down to the Bottom of the Clasp (away from the top) so that the end of the ID tag rests at the bottom—allowing room to close the 2 top arms.
Unremovable Clasp Closed
6. How to Squeeze the Arms. Carefully grip with thumb and forefinger on each side of the clasp arms and then squeeze both sides until they close completely. Make sure you keep the arms square with your fingers to avoid twisting and bending. If you bend one or both of the arms, you’ll have to straighten them so they will close flush to each other. If bent the clasp will not work correctly. Call for help at 847-638-2223.
Closed Clasp on Tag
7. Make sure the two sisterhook arms are flush with each another when closed. The clasp should now move freely while hooked on the end of the ID tag.
*Note: Medical ID Fashions is not responsible for incorrect installation.

Keeping the Clasp Secure

Unremovable Medical Bracelet
The Unremovable Clasp has a certain amount of friction added to the pivot ring to prevent the sisterhook arms from moving loosely. This critical feature makes it hard for a patient to open the clasp with one hand.
Avoid Opening the Clasp Frequently: Opening the sisterhook clasp too often will loosen the pivot ring, allowing the arms to come open easily. Make sure the pivot ring is always tight. Watch for looseness and tighten as needed. To open: use fingernails, left/right, and pull open in middle of arms.
Pliers Squeezing Pivot Ring
Tightening the Pivot Ring: If this pivot ring becomes loose, allowing the two overlapping arms to open easily, it must be tightened. Using pliers and carefully grabbing a corner of the pivot ring: squeeze the pivot ring until the sisterhook arms become hard to move.
Avoid Bending the Sisterhook Arms: The clasp is strong when completely closed. However, when opened, the arms can be bent. If bent, the clasp may not close and could be opened by the patient. If this happens, please contact Medical ID Fashions for a new clasp.
If the bracelet is “Too Big”, it could be pulled off over the hand: A loose bracelet will defeat the unremovable clasp. If there's an initial error in measurement, the bracelet must be returned for resizing. Please call Medical ID Fashions at 847-638-2223 for instructions.