Easy-On Bracelet Help

Here is an easy way to put on our bracelets. With a little practice, it's a snap. 
1. In a sitting position, put your knees in front of your body. 
2. Place on either your right or left knee depending on which arm gets the bracelet. 
3. Lay down the bracelet and plate behind your knee. 
4. Make sure the plate is extended to the outside of your body whether left or right.
5. Place your wrist on top of the bracelet and partially over the plate.
6. Push down on top of the plate to push up the plate to a nearly vertical position.
7. WIth your other hand grasp the clasp and put it into the open position.
8. Move the clasp to the plate while keeping the plate upright and still.
9. Hook the plate with the clasp. Practice makes perfect.

Position A

First step on putting medical ID bracelet on wrist




Lay bracelet across your knee.

Position B

2nd step to putting on medical ID bracelet and plate



Push down to angle plate upward.

Position C




Hook the plate.