Epilepsy Bracelets can save your life in seconds

Epilepsy Emergency

Fastest way to warn about epilepsy is to have an ID bracelet because EMT's want all critical information instantly. 
Paramedics want it all. And they want it now. Only medical bracelets work this fast.
No time for phone calls or wait for operators to find and relay your medical history. It's now or never!
Wrists first! Paramedics are trained to look on wrists first for an ID tag and critical info.

Bracelet help: Beginners Overview
To say more: ID Abbreviations
You can't speak during seizures so your ID tag tells first responders what to do. 
Your plate might read:
ICE 888-888-8888
Avoid unnecessary 911 calls. Because some seizures only last a short time and are not life threatening, Your plate might be:
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Epilepsy Bracelets speak when you're speechless

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Epilepsy Basics

Epilepsy is a chronic disease involving recurrent unprovoked seizures. It currently affects almost 4 million Americans. Epilepsy has many different symptoms caused by what is sometimes called “electrical storms” in the brain. These “storms” can affect one side of the brain or the other.

Generalized Onset Seizures

1. Tonic-Clonic Seizures: It combines tonic (stiffening) and clonic (jerking).
• Seizures lasting 5+ minutes need 911 especially with choking or injuries.
• If seizures last more than 10 min. go to a hospital immediately.
2. Absence Seizures: Is a blank look with eyes turning up and fluttering eyelids
3. Atonic Seizures: When a person becomes limp, falls, and may not be aware.

Focal Onset Seizures

1. Focal Onset Aware Seizures: Person is aware during a seizure but may be frozen.
2. Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizures: Person is confused, doesn't realize what is going on, no memory. Engages in involuntary actions. Dangerous acts. Sometimes removes clothes.

Unknown Onset Seizures

When the seizure type is not known by observation or tests.
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What causes epilepsy?

The brain's electrical disorder can affect physical or mental reactions. Epilepsy is usually caused by brain injury from trauma, stroke, disease, tumors, genetics or birth defects. There could even be some combination that caused this condition. 
The above risk factors can develop epilepsy in both children and adults. It can happen in a baby with abnormal brain growth. It can happen in the prime of life. It can happen late in life with brain injury. 
No known cause can be determined for some people since the injury to the brain has left no trace.
About 7 out of 10 people with epilepsy are treated successfully using drug therapy to control seizures.


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Include all epilepsy issues along with critical meds so emergency responders treat the correct problem—especially if you're unconscious or unable to speak.

Don't forget other medical issues such as heart problems, diabetes, kidney transplants and critical meds. Doctors need a full picture to avoid drug interactions and to give proper aid.
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