Famed artist and cancer survivor's goal is to save many millions of people in the USA and the world at risk that refuse to wear a medical ID bracelet.
Over 22 years ago, all of her dreams were nearly cut short when Abbe received the dreaded diagnosis... cancer! After 8 hours of grueling surgery... after 40 maximum radiation treatments... after eight long hospital stays... after many complications... one of which caused a serious heart problem... and then given only 25% of surviving... Abbe is back and contributing to society and to medical organizations that helped save her life.
Concerned for 150 million Americans struggling with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lymphedema, kidney failure, transplants, epilepsyAlzheimer’s, autism and all manner of conditions, including her own scary medical experiences—Abbe saw a critical need to protect people in medical emergencies. She saw too many people refusing to wear a medical bracelet because drugstore and most online bracelets are simply too ugly.
Women were especially affected because good styling was from slim to none. That's why medical bracelets for women had to be very special. Not to be left out were millions of men that want something more stylish and rugged.
So Abbe handcrafted beautifully designed medical ID bracelets to keep people safe. But don't worry about the beautiful designs—paramedics are trained to look for any medical information primarily on the wrist as that's the first place they look. See Handmade
For the inexperienced that need extra help, Abbe contacts every customer so every bracelet fits perfectly and all medical information is properly included. See Beginners
Why her medical ID bracelets are so beautiful is inspired from a long and successful career as a renowned professional fine artist exhibiting in many shows and galleries in Chicago. Combine that with her worldwide recognition as a famed editorial and commercial illustrator for Fortune 500 companies and top magazines, and then you’ll see why her medical ID bracelets are so stylish...and so beautiful.