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The world's largest selection of custom sized medical alert ID bracelets exclusively designed by Medical ID Fashions.
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New Styles

Why handmade USA medical bracelets fit better

Girl making medical bracelet
When you need to wear a medical bracelet around the clock, and seven days a week, it has got to be right. That's why all ID bracelets that our artists custom make are accurately fitted to every customers' wrist—with just the perfect amount of room for comfort! Every bracelet is made with special care right here in the USA. See Handmade

Why get unremovable Alzheimer’s and dementia alert bracelets?

Alzheimer's and Dementia bracelet for Dad
It’s difficult enough to deal with day-to-day problems of Alzheimer’s and dementia without a constant fear of the elderly wandering off. You’ve tried those cellular alert bracelets, but they’re too easy to remove. And the same goes for “ordinary clasp” medical ID bracelets—leaving you without a safe return. Now, we've designed an exclusive unremovable medical bracelet to bring your loved ones home safely. See ALZ awareness help and our ALZ bracelets. Also: ALZ legal help

When ALZ and Dementia needs more than a medical bracelet

Mom with Alzheimer Bracelet
If you are having legal problems with your family members or the caregiver concerning your loved one with Alzheimer's or Dementia, please read this helpful guide by a notable attorney: Barry M. Rosenbloom. You may avoid some serious problems if you are not protecting your Mom, Dad and perhaps—even yourself. See ALZ Legal Help 

Top Doctor prefers beautiful medical bracelets

Dr. Barry Goldberg MD

“It’s not too many times that there is a medically useful jewelry product, but this is the exception. This concept is ingenious because it promotes wearing a vitally important medical ID—critical to save lives. I endorse these beautiful bracelets to encourage wearing a medical ID and keep my patients safe.” Barry R. Goldberg, MD - "Top Doctors in Chicago" - Best specialists: Internal Medicine - Chicago Magazine - See what customers say.

Designed and handmade by someone just like you

Artist and Cancer Survivor Abbe Sennett
My name is Abbe Sennett a cancer and heart survivor for the last 16 years and wear a medical bracelet 24/7 to stay alive. I’m also a jewelry designer and award winning artist, and found most medical alert bracelets too embarrassing to wear. So I made my own, and now have over 600 exclusive styles—all handmade to keep you safe. I want to protect people that are reluctant to wear those ugly medical alert bracelets. And because I understand the pain people go through, I call every customer to make sure it always fits right, and the tag says it just right to keep you protected. Find what’s right for you.

How to save your life when every second counts

Patient rushed to the hospital

150 million Americans should wear a medical ID bracelet to stay safe, but most drugstore ID bracelets are so ugly that too many people risk going unprotected. And, just looking at bracelet pictures online doesn’t tell them what’s right such as: is it good for swimming, metal allergies and other issues?  So learn which bracelet is good for your lifestyle, and properly tells first responders how to keep you safe.  Start with our Beginners Guide

Why a medical bracelet is the fastest way to stay safe

Wrist with medical id bracelet
Because paramedics always look to your wrists first, a medical alert bracelet is your fastest way to help make quick decisions necessary for them to prevent serious injury or death. With all critical information on your tag, it’s a sure way to explain your Diabetes, Lymphedema, Heart Problems, Allergies, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Kidney Transplants and many other medical conditions.   Read about your specific Illness above and the smart ways to protect yourself.