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Limited Warranty: Medical ID Fashions (“Seller”) warrants to the original owner that all Stainless Steel WaterWear Bracelets®, Gold and Silver WaterWear Bracelets®, Unremovable Stainless Steel WaterWear Bracelets® and Beaded Fashion Bracelets will be free of defective materials for a period of 6 months from the date of shipment from Seller’s location. Only defects brought to Seller’s attention during this period of time will be covered under this Warranty. This Warranty is null and void if product has been altered, abused or misused in any way, whether intentionally or accidentally. Subjecting Beaded Fashion Bracelets to water constitutes abuse or misuse which voids this warranty. Subjecting WaterWear Bracelets® to corrosive chemicals constitutes abuse or misuse which voids this Warranty.  This Warranty does not cover mistakes or changes made by customer in wrist measurement or in information provided for engraving plates as all Bracelets are custom-made to specific customer wrist size and individualized information on engraved plates.  This Warranty does not cover lost bracelets.

Seller will repair or replace, at its discretion, any WaterWear Bracelet®, Gold & Silver Bracelet, Beaded Fashion Bracelet or component of a Bracelet which is found by Seller to be defective by Seller’s inspection conducted at its facility.  Note:  All decisions as to whether WaterWear Bracelets®, Gold & Silver Bracelet, Beaded Fashion Bracelets or any component of a Bracelet, including an engraving plate, has been subjected to an incident or condition which voids the warranty will be made by Medical ID Fashions’ authorized representative and will be final.

Any Bracelet submitted to Seller under this Warranty must be shipped to Seller’s facility at 408 Swan Blvd., Deerfield, IL 60015, at customer’s expense and with return freight fully prepaid.  Bracelets or components (whether or not they have been repaired or replaced) submitted to Seller will not be returned to customer unless customer has sent a non-refundable check for $10.00 (International: $40.00 - USD Money order) to cover return shipment of any Bracelet(s) and/or plates sent to Seller for inspection for defects or repair.

The provision of repair or replacement described above is the limit of Seller’s responsibility and is Seller’s sole warranty under this Warranty.  Seller is not responsible for other losses or damages claimed to be caused by a Bracelet or component covered under this Warranty.  No other oral or written representation made by Seller or its agents are part of Seller’s Warranty unless specifically stated in writing by an authorized representative of Seller.



All Medical ID Fashions bracelets are custom-made to specific customer wrist size and to personalized information for engraved plates. Please use care in following the “How to Size” instructions for measuring the wearer’s wrist and in providing correctly-spelled information for engraving as these customized bracelets cannot be returned for refund. Damaged bracelets sometimes can be repaired and, in certain limited instances described below in paragraph C of this Return & Repair Policy, bracelets which have not been worn may be exchanged. In all cases, customers are responsible for all costs of shipping and insuring bracelets to and from Medical ID Fashions (see paragraph “F. Return Shipment of Bracelets”, set forth below).

A. Bracelet Repairs:
The repair charges shown in this paragraph cover labor costs only. Customer is also responsible for the cost of replacing damaged or missing components so please ask for a price quotation at the time of repair.

Non-warranty repair labor charges are as follows:
a) Single Stranded Bracelets: Repair charge of $15.00.
b) Two Stranded Bracelets: Repair charge of $20.00.
c) Three Stranded Bracelets: Repair charge of $30.00.
d) Connector Style WaterWear Bracelets®: Repair charge of $15.00.
e) Continuous Link Style WaterWear Bracelets®: No repair is possible. Bracelet must be repurchased.
Note: Repair charges may change without notice.

B. Replacement of Engraved Plates: 
Medical ID Fashions will only replace our own ID Plates that we have engraved which do not match the "original information" in the order. Any changes that arrive after a plate has been engraved (even if not shipped) will initiate all new charges. If the customer makes errors in spelling, we are not responsible for making corrections. 

C. Exchange of Bracelets Not Worn: 
Within 10 days of original shipping date, WaterWear Bracelets® or Beaded Fashion Bracelets, can be exchanged one time only. This request must be sent in writing or email.  The bracelet(s) must be in new condition and in the original box.  If upon visual inspection, the bracelet shows evidence of wear, it cannot be returned or exchanged even if a request for exchange is received within 10 days of original shipping date. There is no refund even if the new exchanged bracelet is of lesser value. Customer must pay the difference if any exchanged bracelet is of greater value. A 10% restocking fee may apply.

D. Sizing Errors:
All bracelets at Medical ID Fashions are custom made and custom sized to each individual customers' wrist size. It is the customers' responsibility to provide an accurate wrist size for the wrist on which they intend to wear the bracelet. Any error in sizing by the customer is the responsibility of the customer and they are solely responsible for any "resizing" and "shipping" costs in both directions. Please refer to the Sizing page on the website.

E. Allergies to Metals:
It is the responsibility of the customer to determine prior to purchase of allergies to any metals, including Stainless Steel. These custom sized bracelets cannot be returned or exchanged once worn.

F. Skin Conditions Excluded:
No returns because of dulling, etching or discoloration of metal surfaces from acidic skin due to natural chemistry, anti-rejection or chemotherapy medications.

G. Chemical Misuse Excluded:
No returns because of dulling, etching or discoloration of metal surfaces from exposure to chemicals such as perfumes, lotions and other substances applied to skin or from any environmental chemical contact that has adverse effects on any of our product metals including rhodium, silver, platinum and gold.

H. Canceling an Order:
No order may be cancelled once work has begun on bracelet(s) and plate(s) even if not yet shipped. 

I. Return Shipment of Bracelets:
All Medical ID Fashions bracelets sent to Medical ID Fashions for any reason must have a non-refundable $10.00 S&H check included with their shipment (International: $40.00 money order in USD). Any lost shipment from a customer while in transit to Medical ID Fashions is solely the responsibility of the customer. The customer is advised to track and insure their property. All shipping charges must be prepaid. All items must be shipped via U.S. Post Office. No C.O.D. deliveries will be accepted.

Please return to the following address:

Medical ID Fashions Co.
408 Swan Blvd
Deerfield, IL 60015