Clear, clean engraving is essential to save your life.

It's important that your medical bracelet ID tag has the most critical medical information and can be read clearly. So we provide high quality, "Diamond Etch" engraving that cuts deeply into the stainless steel to provide a long lasting message. It costs $9.95 for the backside—which includes up to 4 lines with a maximum of 18 characters per line, including spaces. On special "two sided plates", additional engraving for the front costs $2.00 per line, up to 3 lines. We don't offer laser engraving, because, in most cases, it only creates a surface image that willl wear down in about 6 months. After testing standard quality lasers, long lasting laser images are only possible using expensive lasers that penetrate the surface, which few medical ID companies have. For information on ID Plates, go to: “ID Plates-Tags”.

Suggestions for Engraving Text. Also see Medical Abbreviations.

  1. A maximum of 4 lines of text are allowed on the back of our 1-5/8" x 5/8" ID plate. Two sided plates are available.
  2. There is a limit of 18 characters on back of plates, all upper case, per line — spaces are counted. Gold plates offer additional front side engraving, but with fewer characters and lines. The less text and lines, the larger, more legible the information will be.
  3. Very Important: Be clear about which medications or foods you are allergic to. For example: "NO PENICILLIN" or "NO PCN", "NO SHELLFISH", "NO MORPHINE". If you are allergic to a whole class of drugs such as: "NO CILLINS" and "NO MYCINS". Use abbreviations where possible.
  4. If you have Lymphedema, indicate which arm or leg is at risk. For a two line example: “RIGHT ARM: NO NEEDLES/BP” or for a one line version: "R-ARM: NO IV/BP". Use abbreviations where possible. If you need help, go to Medical Abbeviations.
  5. Do not engrave your Social Security number.
  6. Check your spelling carefully. Custom engraved plates are not refundable.
  7. Note: Engraving and ID plate charges are in addition to the cost of most bracelets and will be added to the final total. Special sets excluded.

Other Engraving Suggestions:

  1. Consider adding your name only after all vital medical information is first conveyed and you have the extra room available.
  3. Allergic Reactions: "NO CODEINE", "NO BEE STINGS", "NO ASA", "NO NSAIDS"
  4. Current Medications: "ON COUMADIN", "ON METFORMIN"
  5. In case of emergency number: “ICE: 888-888-8888”. Make sure the person at this number is aware of all of your medical issues and is carrying a copy of your Medical Information Card.
  6. If it won't fit on the plate: "SEE MED CARD" — but do not rely on this since your wallet or purse may not be found in situations such as auto accidents. Try to get all vital information on the plate first.