Handcrafted high quality designs customized by American artists

Artists making handmade medical bracelets

Why handmade fits better

Girl making Bracelets
Because you wear a medical bracelet 24/7, its got to be right. Every ID is custom handmade in the USA for a perfect comfort fit using our special size guide.

Made in the USA by hand

Statue of Liberty
At Medical ID Fashions, all medical bracelets are custom sized and handcrafted in the good old USA where quality still stands for something!

By skilled artists

Making Chain Bracelets
To make sure all bracelets fit correctly, skilled artists work day and night using our scientifically accurate sizing method. This exclusive scientific sizing is always correct when you provide an accurate skintight wrist measurement using a soft tape measure.

Overbuilt to Last

All medical bracelets are "overbuilt" for a longer lifetime and to keep you safe. We use proprietary methods and materials designed to give you a superior bracelet.

Perfectly custom sized

Measuring Wrist
Every medical bracelet is custom handmade for each and every customer to their very personal wrist size. Read more

And customers agree

Just read the comments by some of the many thousands of happy customers that have already discovered the virtues of a beautifully handmade medical bracelet.
What customers said

The Mother of Invention

Abbe Sennett
Our founder, Abbe Sennett is a cancer survivor, artist, jeweler and inventor who finally makes wearing a medical bracelet a pleasure instead of an embarrassment. It all came out of a "necessity" because stylish choices out there were from "slim to none".

600+ customized designs

Making Beaded Bracelet
From the first day that Abbe started making these designer bracelets, the choices have grown to over 600 styles. This gives America the world's largest selection of custom sized medical ID bracelets all handmade to be stylish and to fit comfortably the way it should be.

Millions want a better medical alert bracelet

It’s a good thing Abbe started making these stylish medical bracelets because today there are over 150 million Americans that must wear a medical bracelet to stay safe—and they no longer want to wear those ugly, stamped-out factory ID's from drugstores.

We contact every customer to confirm accurate sizing

Man on Phone
Most customers are new to medical bracelets, so we always reach out to confirm that every order is correctly sized and every ID tag has all of your medical information presented in an effective format. See Beginners Guide.

World's largest selection

With over 600 beautiful and elegant medical bracelets—the world's largest selection of custom sized and handcrafted medical ID alert bracelets—there are more choices than any other custom source. See more

Designer style for everyone

Pink precious stone medical bracelet
For women, we've designed bracelets which include precious stones and sparkling crystals, which makes wearing a medical bracelet more than just a fashion statement—it's also a lot of fun! See more
Rugged men's stainless steel medical bracelet
For men, we've designed elegant bracelets because most men refuse to wear those prissy and boring bracelets. After all, you men deserve your happiness and world class protection too. See more
Smiley face medical bracelet
For kids and teens, there are many colorful choices that are fun, whimsical and just plain cool. No more embarrassing medical bracelets that they’ll refuse to wear when going to school. See more
Unremovable Medical Bracelet
Unremovable medical bracelets for people with Alzheimer's/Dementia and Autism because too often they remove their bracelets leaving themselves unprotected.
     To help prevent easy removal, we use our exclusive “ALZ and AUT Design”—making these bracelets virtually unremovable—and requires 2-hands to open. See Alzheimer's Sets and Autism Sets.