Mozzano 50939 ALZ Unremovable Medical ID Bracelet Set

$79.00 Complete Alzheimer's Set

• Free tag & engraving with stainless steel medical bracelet
• Set is $79.00 USD and up by size. Shipping is extra.
• Hard to remove for safety
• For sizing help see "How to Size" or call: 1-847-638-2223
• See Alzheimers Guide for tag wording and abbreviations
• How to Close the Unremovable Clasp
• Mozzano 50939
Exclusive WaterWear Bracelets®
• Chain: 3/8" wide X 1/16" thick 
• ID Tag: 1 9/16" x 5/8"
• Bright shiny fnish with grooved lines
• Includes one jumpring and sisterhook clasp
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Unremovable clasp requires 2 hands to open. This medical grade stainless steel Alzheimer's and Dementia medical ID set has one unremovable clasp and jumpring attached to the plate that's hard to remove for safety. See photo above.
Note: These sets are never part of any special sales.

Available ID Tags for this Bracelet

First "Add to Cart" this bracelet. Then select the ID tag from a drop-down menu.
Blue Medical ID Plate
Red Medical ID Plate
Purple Medical ID Plate
Black Medical ID Plate
Pink Medical ID Plate
White Medical ID Plate
Mozzano 50939 ALZ Unremovable Medical ID Bracelet Set

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