Designer Gold-Stainless Medical Bracelets Regione del Veneto 1973

$56.00 Custom Sized Bracelet Sale!

• Fashionable Gold over Stainless Steel
• $56.00 USD and up by size. Shipping is extra.
• For sizing help see "How to Size" or call: 1-847-638-2223
• See ID Abbreviations page for tag wording and medical terms
• Regione del Veneto 1973
Wear in fresh water only—not in chlorine & saltwater
• For Gold: Avoid chemicals & acid skin
• Chain: 5/8” wide x 3/8” high
• ID Tag not included
Something more precious than the twinkle of the stars atop Italy’s Veneto wine country is a medical bracelet with intertwining rings just as the vines twist through the supple glistening grapes. Gaze upon this inspiration by starlight until the sun comes up.

Available Plates for This Bracelet

Below are the plates that you can choose for this bracelet. Once you add the bracelet to your cart, you will have the option to select which plate you want.
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Medical ID Plate
Small Gold 2-sided Stainless Steel ID Tag
Designer Gold-Stainless Medical Bracelets Regione del Veneto 1973

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