Designer Gold Over Stainless Medical Bracelets Piccole Dolomiti 1940

$89.00 Custom Sized Bracelet

• Fashionable gold plated stainless steel medical bracelet
• $89.00 USD and up by size. Shipping is extra.
• For sizing help see "How to Size" or call: 1-847-638-2223
• See ID Abbreviations page for tag wording and medical terms
• Piccole Dolomiti 1940-SG
Exclusive WaterWear Bracelets®
• For Gold: Avoid chemicals, salt & acid skin
• Chain: 1/4” wide x 3/16” deep
• ID Tag not included

Available ID Tags for this Bracelet

First "Add to Cart" this bracelet. Then select the ID tag from a drop-down menu.
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Medical ID Plate
Small Gold 2-sided Stainless Steel ID Tag
Designer Gold Over Stainless Medical Bracelets Piccole Dolomiti 1940

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Measure skintight below bone.
Don't add extra space. We add

Whole Numbers.
Fractions. If any.

This Custom Sized bracelet is based on your Exact Wrist Size.
WARNING: Do Not add extra room. We add the extra room.
Measure carefully. Select closest number(s). Use a tape measure.
Resizing costs extra. For help: see "How to Size" page.
For measuring assistance, please call 847-638-2223

Bracelet size and price is automatically calculated from your selected size.
NOTE: Larger sizes are priced higher.

Free plate and engraving: