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Lymphedema bracelets can prevent serious injury

To avoid lymphedema injuries from needle punctures and blood pressure cuffs, your ID tag might read something like this: 
ICE: 888-888-8888
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     When you can’t speak, having medical ID bracelet on your wrist helps when first responders and doctors only have seconds to determine what they can and cannot do. Having all critical medical information will assure proper care. 


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Causes of Lymphedema

     At Birth, some people have abnormalities of the lymphatic system. This type of lymphedema is known as Primary Lymphedema (Melroy’s Disease). Depending on how severe the disease is, swelling can be immediate or may develop later in life. (Praecox/Meige Disease and Lymphedema Tarda)
     Most lymphedema cases within the USA is a Secondary Lymphedema. This type of lymphedema occurs from damage to the lymphatic system, typically related to surgery and/or radiation therapy from cancer treatment—and breast cancer related lymphedema has been studied the most. 
     Traumatic injury to body tissues such as from burn injury, crush injury, scarring or infections of the lymphatic system can cause lymphedema. If left untreated, lymphedema leads to a chronic inflammatory condition, possible life threatening infection and hardening of the skin that, in turn, results in further lymph vessel damage and unsightly distortion of the affected body parts.
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     It’s caused by an abnormality of the lymphatic system either a Primary or a Secondary disease leading to excessive buildup of the interstitial fluid, known as lymph. Lymph fluid is responsible for transporting lymphocytes, proteins and cellular waste essential for optimal health. Stagnant lymph contains proteins and cellular debris that causes swelling of affected tissues. Lymphatic fluid can build up in any area of the body that has inadequate lymphatic drainage and can lead to Lymphedema.
     Advanced lymphedema is complicated by recurrent infections, non-healing wounds, discomfort to severe pain, and difficulty with daily tasks, emotional and social distress. Lymphedema is a disease that can develop slowly and once present, is usually progressive and has no known cure. The overall risk of  developing Lymphedema after cancer treatment is reported to be 25.5%.  The risk of developing lymphedema does not diminish over time but is a lifelong risk. 
Cindy Lichtenhahn LMT, CLT, LET-II


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